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Great news for Sherfield Park


At the recent Borough council elections on the 7th May, Joyce Bowyer of Cufaude Lane was elected for the borough council seat for Chineham Ward working with fellow councillors, Elaine Still and Paul Miller.

County Council Members' Grant Scheme.

The County Council again allocated £8,000 to each Councillor to distribute to community organisations. I was very pleased to help many organisations with this grant scheme locally in my division.

Hampshire County Council has frozen its part of the Council Tax again this year, so residents are still paying the lowest for County Council services like social care, highways and libraries than anywhere else in the south east - and at the same rate for the sixth consecutive year. In fact Hampshire's Council Tax is the second lowest of any in England.

The County Council has managed to freeze Council Tax despite Hampshire's grant from the Government being reduced by £29 million. The County Council has been able to do this because it started early with its savings programme, achieving £140 million since 2008, and is on course to secure around a further £100 million by 2015/16.

The County precept makes up approximately 80% of the Council Tax Bill so it is very important that it is controlled carefully.

Investing in the future

At the same time Hampshire County Council we will be investing £876 million in Hampshire's infrastructure to support growth - taking forward one of the Council's biggest ever capital programmes, in areas such as school places, transport infrastructure and superfast broadband.

The County Council will be maximising the recent £3.1 million grant from Government to develop a digital strategy, using technology to support the demand for better access to information and services online, built around people's needs to ensure Hampshire's public services are both convenient and accessible for the people who use them.

We will be using our reserves to invest in new facilities that will enable us to deliver better services at lower cost and generate income, like the transformation of our country parks to make them self-financing, or the development of holiday facilities for families to hire at our Outdoor Activity Centres.

Cllr Elaine Still

May 2015


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