Planning Application Approved


Great Binfields Primary School Expansion of 1 Form Entry to two form entry.

Following the Pre Planning Consultation in November 2014, I am aware a number of local residents raised concerns over the potential for increased traffic volumes as a result of the proposed expansion so I asked officers to outline the findings of the transport consultant’s report which is below .

Transport consultants were appointed, and two separate surveys were conducted to help predict how the proposed expansion will impact parking in the local area. Traffic speeds on Great Binfields Road were also recorded and the quality of the local pedestrian, cycle and public transport networks were assessed.

I have detailed the results of the survey below, however in summary: there is sufficient capacity on the roads surrounding the school to accommodate the likely increase in cars....

  • average vehicle speeds on Great Binfields Road are below 30mph

  • staff car parking spaces have been calculated in line with Hampshire County Council guidance

  • and measures are being put in place to encourage alternative, sustainable travel to the school.

On-Street Parking.

The on-street parking survey recognised that Binfields Farm Lane was overcapacity during pupil drop-off and pick-up periods, and that illegal parking occurred on zigzag and double yellow lines. However it also identified residual space to accommodate more than 85 cars legally on the public highway within a five minute walk of the school, meeting the additional demand predicted as a result of the expansion.

In addition, an informal agreement exists between the School and the management of the Chineham Shopping Centre to allow parents to park in the long-stay car park during school start and finish periods. It is important to note that this allocation was not considered in the parking capacity assessments, to ensure a robust analysis was undertaken.

High Reliance on Cars for Pupil Drop-Off and Pick-Up.

Recent school travel survey results indicate that the number of pupils driven to and from school is higher than the Hampshire County Council average. A Framework School Travel Plan was therefore submitted as part of the planning application, outlining a series of objectives and measures aimed at encouraging pupils, staff and parents to make use of sustainable travel options, where possible, and to reduce their reliance on private car journeys. Typically, Hampshire County Council School Travel Plans achieve a reduction in vehicle reliance.

Again, it should be noted that the Transport Assessment did not make allowance for any reduction in private car journeys as a result of implementation of the School Travel Plan, to ensure the analysis was fair and robust.

Traffic Speeds.

The traffic speed surveys we commissioned have advised that, whilst some vehicles using Great Binfields Road exceed the speed limit, the average speeds are below those which would trigger the need for additional road safety measures. There are already flashing speed advisory signs installed on Great Binfields Road.

Concerns received were passed to the local Police Community Support Officers, the project Transport Consultants and Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council Highways Officers, and on each occasion more frequent enforcement was requested.

Staff Parking An additional 16 car parking spaces are being provided within a new staff car park and two accessible parking spaces at the front of the school will be retained.

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