Crown Lane Old Basing Priority System

A site visit has taken place on Crown Lane and I can confirm that

Whilst on site the officers spoke to local residents which, was very useful.

The initial thoughts of the officers are that a priority system is achievable but will more than likely require some form of physical measures as the natural narrowing of the road is unlikely to be enough on its own to deter drivers from disobeying the signage.

From the site observations the officers believe it would be most sensible to require drivers to give way outside of Cannon Cottage with drivers entering the road from ‘The Street’ being given priority. This seemed to be happening in the majority of cases whilst they were there and the residents of Cannon Cottage suggested this also tends to be the case at other times. The officers think it would be best to install the system as an experimental measure using plastic ‘stick on’ kerbing in the first instance to give a build out at the give way. Additionally they would look to install carriageway edge of road markings along the narrow section, again because of the narrowness some of the warning signage may need to be installed within private land. I am told this measure could all be installed fairly quickly. At this stage there are no plans to provide footways either virtual or permanently constructed as this would need further discussion and investigation to ensure it is feasible which will delay things beyond the remit of their works. As a next step Officers will provide some provisional drawings of their ideas for discussion hopefully, quite soon.

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