Recycling 2016

On the whole residents in Chineham are doing a great job recycling their rubbish but it can be confusing what can and can’t be recycled so I hope the article below will help raise awareness.

Residents are being reminded not to put their recycling into plastic bags before it goes into their green bin, in a bid to stop recycling, quite literally, going to waste. The things that are collected are sorted by hand and machinery before going for recycling. Sorting crews can’t always pull the plastic bags out and then the machinery can’t recognise what is in them so they get discarded. The bags that get through often get caught in the machinery and can cause damage to it.

Reusable, hard-wearing plastic bags are available that can be used by residents to store their recycling in their home and then carry it to their green bin. The bags will be delivered to residents in areas where we know plastic bags are being used. Alternatively residents can request one by calling the council on 844844.

Crews have been issuing warnings to residents that they risk their grey rubbish bin not being emptied if it obviously contains garden waste or items that could be recycled. These items include cardboard, paper, tins, cans, aerosols, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars.

Recognising that recycling can be confusing, the council has also been out to speak to people who are repeatedly putting things that can be recycled into their grey bin, to offer help, support and advice.

Please don’t forget that aluminium foil and mixed plastics can be recycled in Chineham Shopping Centre Car Park and Wade Road Waste Recycling Centre is close by.

I wish you a very Happy and Green New Year.

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