Traffic in Crown Lane, Old Basing

Following a site visit and discussion with local residents Hampshire County Council officers felt that a priority system could be achieved with some form of physical measures as the natural narrowing of the road is unlikely to deter drivers from disobeying signage alone. From their observations officers believe it is most sensible for drivers to give way outside Cannon Cottage with priority to drivers entering from ‘The Street’ as appears to already happen in the majority of cases. Officers thought it best to install the system as an experimental measure in the first instance using plastic ‘stick on’ kerbing to give a build out at the give way.

Additionally they would look to install carriageway edge of road markings along the narrow section. Because of the narrowness of the road it may be necessary to install some of the warning signs within private land and these measures could all be installed fairly quickly. There are no plans at this stage to provide footways, either virtual or permanently constructed, as the discussion and investigation to ensure it is feasible would cause delays. At the time of writing, plans have been drawn and are being considered by the Parish Council and residents.

Breast Feeding Counselling Service

In the Autumn Newsletter I wrote about the Funding Crisis for Breast Feeding Drop In Centres in Hampshire following my visit to the Centre at Christ Church in Chineham which is also available to and used by residents of Old Basing and Lychpit.

More recently, two breast feeding councilors met the director of public health and the executive member at Hampshire County Council resulting in funding being secured until March 2016 whilst the service was being evaluated. Some of the service users then made a deputation to Hampshire CC on 7 January on the importance of maintaining the service. Around 30 mums and their babies attended and their key speaker spoke very eloquently on the subject for 10 minutes, receiving a standing ovation!

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of children developing type 1 & 2 diabetes or of being obese, and of breastfeeding mothers getting breast and ovarian cancer. It also reduces a baby’s chance of dying from sudden infant death syndrome. Breastfeeding quite literally saves lives and also the NHS money.

The outcome of the evaluation is awaited but I sincerely hope these centres, which have my full support, continue across Hampshire.

Update on Issues Raised with Hampshire Highways

I continue to liaise with officers regarding actions requested by the Safer Roads group. These have been prioritised as Short, Medium and Long Term and I understand some of the short term actions such as refreshing road markings, clearing blocked gullies and cutting back foliage blocking road signs have already been carried out. Medium Term actions which include measures focused on pedestrian safety and priority traffic calming in Crown Lane are currently in the design phase, in fact you will see from the report on Crown Lane above that this particular matter is well under way. Long Term measures are still in the planning phase and include identifying feasible larger improvement projects, assessing the aspirations of other groups on longer term measures and assessment of the residential 20mph pilot speed limit programme (this is expected to be completed in the summer). The Parish Council will be fully involved in these assessments.

Crossways Children’s Home

In the last Newsletter I wrote about plans for Crossways and now understand nothing will happen until later in the year – possibly May.

Lychpit Centre

I am aware of the poor state of the white lines and parking bay markings at the Lychpit Centre and have been pressing for some considerable time for these to be re-painted. Hampshire Highways has now repainted the “give way” lines at the entrance to the centre but responsibility for the centre itself lies elsewhere and I will continue to work on getting this issue resolved.

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