Noisy Drain Cover Lid on A33 north of Taylor's Farm roundabout is Silenced!

I would firstly like to echo a big thank you to HCC Highways Department for their prompt action - after this issue was escalated 10 days ago.

Residents near the A33, in the earlier phases of the Sherfield Park development, have been plagued for months now from the incessant piercing noise from the rocking of a drain cover lid on the north side of the Taylor's Farm roundabout. This ear piercing noise was described as torture by some residents, who have suffered from sleep deprivation cause by the continual clunk - clunking of the lid as vehicles drove over it.

This was brought to my attention after a resident asked me to visit his residence in Fernhill Place, part of the second phase of the estate to hear the noise for myself.

I immediately escalated this to senior management in HCC Highways department asking for remedial action on this.

Hopefully, the residents near the A33 will now be able to enjoy the summer in their gardens and will also be able to sleep with open windows and not have to keep them all shut 24/7 as they have been doing.

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